Ubierz się w stylu “Back to School!” / Dress in “Back to School!” Style


Klasyczne połączenie koszuli i spódnicy bądź spodni powraca do naszej mody na co dzień. Jesienią szkolne mundurki będą nosić nie tylko dzieci. Zobaczcie nasze inspiracje i zacznijcie szukać tego stylu w sklepach!

A classic combination of white blouse and a skirt or pants is back in fashion and into our wardrobes. It’s a very chick style for every day. This autumn school uniforms will be worn not only by children. See our inspirations below and start to search the style in shops and boutiques!


amazonaws abc foto3 jsrdn RedHeadStreetStyletrinians_682x400_405423aSchool-Girls-Fashion-Style-5 olivia-palermo-school-girl-look

I kilka naszych kompozycji


And few our sets



Ale szkolny styl ma nie tylko modowo – niewinne oblicze!

But the school style is not only fashion-innoncet!


school_girl_desk02 schoolgirl-with-style.png megan-fox-jennifers-body-poster-01


2 thoughts on “Ubierz się w stylu “Back to School!” / Dress in “Back to School!” Style

  1. yqcgnslqdh@gmail.com says:

    Sing and have fun.. These are your friends. When you are all singing you are supposed to be having fun and laughing. They will not be laughing at you being mean.. If they laugh, it’s because it’s Karoke and it’s fun.

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